Why employee engagement is essential to growth

Why employee engagement is essential to growth

Robert Hicks, Group HR Director at Reward Gateway, spoke to HR Grapevine on how departments can implement improved engagement strategies – and why these initiatives can save your retention levels.

How do you keep employees engaged during times of growth?

“Periods of growth often mean periods of change, and when unexplained, change can lead to uncertainty. The key here is to communicate. Open and honest communication - even if the news isn’t good news - gives the leadership team the opportunity to add some context and to reassure. Often, just understanding what’s happening helps dispel any unease. Knowing where the business is headed also makes it easier for employees to contribute to the company’s new vision.

“It is also just as important to make sure staff feel valued and rewarded for their hard work. This doesn’t need to be a big gesture; a simple thank you - easy to do but also easy to forget - can go a long way.

“The key is to make sure employees feel a part of growth, aware of how they play into that, and recognised for their contribution as when you are in high growth mode, you really do need to ensure that you keep everyone informed and with that comes the engagement levels that will help you.”


Why does it matter?

“I think few would disagree that employees make a business what it is, but just hiring the right people isn’t enough. To get the most out of employees you need to engage with them. Engaged employees make better decisions, because they understand more; they are more productive, because they like - or even love - what they are doing; and, crucially, they are more innovative, because they want the business to succeed.

“It may not seem like a priority during times of growth, but I strongly believe that taking time to ensure employees feel a part of the business and invested in its success is the quickest and surest way of meeting growth objectives.”

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