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23rd & 24th Sept 2020

Why Is Scalability Important When Choosing an Applicant Tracking System?

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When you begin your search for a piece of recruitment software, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a list of requirements to hand.

However, one requirement that is often ignored in the selection process is scalability – i.e. the software’s ability to grow as your HR department’s needs grow.

When viewing software demos, it can be easy to be won over by an awesome interface and some clever little features but scalability should be near the top of your requirements list.

But why is scalability so important, exactly?


Your needs will naturally evolve over time

Think back to two or three years ago; were your requirements the same as they are now? The answer is probably no.

Recruitment and talent acquisition methods are constantly changing; this is why it’s crucial for technology to evolve and develop as your requirements change. Recruitment software is a long-term investment and what your HR department needs on day one isn’t necessarily what it’ll need in two or three years’ time.

Selecting scalable recruitment software will ensure that your system is future-proof and can be further developed and adapted to meet whatever requirements you have in the future.


As your business grows, your HR department will grow

Does your business have ambitious growth plans? With an increased focus on staff recruitment, your HR department will need to grow to meet these demands and support new employees.

Scalable recruitment software will support your HR department as it grows. For example, Webrecruit’s Fusion software allows you to provide an unlimited number of HR users and hiring managers with access to the system (for no extra cost) to ensure that your team are equipped to deal with these extra demands.


It will save you money

Picture this: you’ve invested money in a fancy system that you’re completely happy with, only to find out that in a couple of years, you need something a bit different. However, your system can’t be further developed to meet your needs.

If your existing software can evolve with you, it saves you having to pay out for a brand new system when you outgrow your existing one.


New features and technology are being constantly developed

When you’re in the process of selecting a supplier, it’s worth asking each vendor what plans they have for their software over the next year.

For example, you might eliminate a supplier from your selection because their software doesn’t have a particular feature you want – but what if you knew that this feature would be developed within the system within the next couple of months?

Don’t forget – your software is a long-term investment so finding out what exciting plans your potential suppliers have for the future will also benefit you.

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