VIDEO: Worst commutes ever

VIDEO: Worst commutes ever

Giant rats, being pushed onto a train, and riding on a cable car suspended by 1,500 feet to travel between two cliffs – these are just some of the world’s most horrifying commuting stories.

No one enjoys commuting to work and MailOnline Travel has collated the worst commutes from around the world to identify just some of the worst journeys to work.

Travelling in and around the Big Apple could have you jumping out of your seat, with subways in New York encountering a rat problem this year. Footage from ABC News captured a tired commuter having a little snooze, who was then startled by a rat that climbed up his leg and nestled into his neck.   

Rush hour in Japan also wreaks havoc for commuters, with train stations actually hiring staff to push commuters onto trains and close the train doors.

Workers in China also face similar problems, with trains so busy passengers end up getting stuck in the crowd and unable to leave the train.

A dangerous alternative to riding inside the train carriage, in India, commuters who did not make it onto the train rode by gripping onto the outside doors of the train.


Mirroring the train chaos, traffic in India showed six lanes of traffic on one stretch of road, with lorries, vans, cars, bikes, scooters and tuk-tuks weaving in and out of each other to reach their destinations. 

In Britain, weather has been known as a major disrupter to the running of transport services, as well as train strikes, which has seen huge crowds of passengers desperately attempting to board trains, especially on the underground. 

Train strikes in Paris have also left passengers unable to find a route home, with some commuters walking up the central panel of the escalators to escape the chaos.


Perhaps the most precarious ride of all, villagers of remote village Yushan in central China, have to travel to school and work via an open-top cable car that operates 1,575 foot above the valley below. Fortunately no accidents have yet been reported.   

What is the worst commute you've ever experienced? Tell us in the comments...

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