The 'world first' technology that could eradicate face-to-face work experience

The 'world first' technology that could eradicate face-to-face work experience

A capsule, described by its creators as “the world’s first immersive work experience simulator,” aims to give students an interactive experience of the skills needed in the workplace.

The LifeSkills Pod, designed as a solution to the criticisms about the lack of real preparation pupils receive during work experience, gives students ten minute tasks to complete, covering soft skills such as networking, communicating decisions, resilience and professionalism.

Step into the pod and you will be greeted by a fictional colleague welcoming you on your first day of work, followed by five sectors to choose from: administration and law, health and public services, retail and commercial, manufacturing, or business. Students will then be faced with scenarios requiring a range of skills, relevant to the place of work chosen.   

88% of businesses believe school leavers are unprepared for the world of work, according to a survey conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce.

The LifeSkills Pod, created with Barclays, was installed at the Lister Community School in Newham, London. After completing the tasks in the pod, students received a certificate and a breakdown of the skills they have and could improve on.

The pod will be made available through a website designed to help students across the country, as well as providing content for teachers and career advisers to enthuse students.

Kirstie Mackey, Director of LifeSkills & Consumer Affairs, at Barclays said: “We can’t predict jobs of the future but we can predict the skills that young people will need in an ever-changing workplace.

“We have started to incorporate skills such as problem solving, communication and resilience within the programme through experiences such as the LifeSkills Pod.”

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  • Careers Teacher
    Careers Teacher
    Thu, 21 Apr 2016 12:06pm BST
    I don't believe that the point of the Pod is to eradicate face-to-face work experience. Rather it is a response to the unfortunate lack of quality work experience placements on offer, despite employers comments on its importance!

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