Are digital footprints the new resumés?

Are digital footprints the new resumés?

The days of the resume could be numbered, with an increasing number of start-ups looking to a candidate’s digital footprint as a means to evaluate a potential hire.

A number of Indian tech companies have taken to the practice, with start-up HelpChat encouraging candidates to send their LinkedIn profile initially.

They have even been known to refuse to look at paper resumés when candidates arrive to interviews with them.

Vijay Sharma, CEO at which provides talent acquisition solutions, notes that among his 30-odd startup customers up to 40% have moved away from the resumé culture- The Economic Times reports.

“A lot of data is being left behind online by the user. They are not aware what they are leaving, but this data actually means a lot," he said.

“Thus the recruiter knows a lot of details beforehand, which helps him to engage with the candidate better."

Anil Chandra, Vice-President of Human Resources at HelpChat, feels that digital channels have an edge over traditional CVs in finding the best talent.

"Within the digital footprint of a person itself different weightages are given,” he said. 

“When it comes to hiring, a LinkedIn profile will hold a lot more weightage than Facebook or Twitter, because those are engaging platforms unlike LinkedIn which is a hiring platform." 

Moving away from traditional resumés could be beneficial for recruiters, with a number of re-occuring CV sinssaid to cause repeated issues for those assessing candidates. 

The use of digital footprints could also aid in tackling CV lies, read about it here

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