Are you Resolution Ready?

An evidence based approach which delivers business growth and career success.

There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that the traditional grievance and related procedures are inflammatory, divisive, harmful, and costly and in fact encourage dispute escalation rather than dispute resolution. Many organisations are now ditching their grievance procedures in favour of a Resolution Policy. And it works. One large UK bank recently reported a halving of time spent on tackling bullying and complaints at work with savings into the millions of pounds. Yes, millions of pounds.

However, one of the barriers to making the change from a grievance to a resolution culture appears to be a widespread lack of awareness about the real cost of conflict.

Introducing the Resolution Audit™

This simple 8 step Resolution Audit™ will help you to gather data relating to the cost and impact of conflict to your business:

  1. Does conflict management feature as a strategic priority within our business?
  1. What is the real cost of conflict to our business and our employees?
  2. How many grievances/bullying allegations do we get each year and how much do they cost us?
  3. How much do we spend on formal processes: settlement agreements, tribunals, compensation and legal fees?
  4. What impact does conflict have on our employee engagement/satisfaction levels?
  5. How much management time is spent dealing with conflicts and disputes?
  6. Is workplace conflict impacting on our customer experience?
  7. Do we train our managers and leaders to spot issues and nip them in the bud?

Delivering valuable evidence and career success for HR professionals.

If you are serious about resolving conflict at work, it is important to understand the scale of the problem first. That will enable you to develop a coherent strategy which will drive the necessary changes forward. It will also be invaluable for evaluating the impact of any future resolution initiative that you establish in your organisation. It benefits you also.

HR professional who can demonstrate that they have…

  1. developed a coherent business case for a cultural change programme,
  2. won over the hearts and minds of their stakeholders using an evidence based approach,
  3. implemented an innovative approach to dispute resolution,
  4. improved employee engagement and employee wellbeing,
  5. saved their business thousands or even millions of pounds,

…will enhance their career prospects going forward. So, if data gathering appears to be a tad tedious, I urge you to think again about the positive impact it will have on your people, your business and your CV.

David Liddle is CEO of the TCM Group and President of the Professional Mediators’ Association (PMA)

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