Firm promising 'new breed of recruitment' secures £300k

Firm promising 'new breed of recruitment' secures £300k

A new recruitment agency which claims to have revolutionised the hiring game has been granted thousands upon thousands in funding.

TalentPool closed a deal with a group of angel investors including Kingsley Duffy, Founder of HostelBookers, and Stephen Warrington, Chairman of Carbon Search, for £300,000.

Founded in 2013, by Tom Davenport and Andrew Lavelle, TalentPool promises to offer a “new breed of recruitment” by allowing employers to recruit jobseekers directly using technology- which seamlessly pairs them with candidates who meet their requirements.

According to, TalentPool already has 250 companies on board, including Deliveroo, GoCardless and Adbrain- as well as 15,000 candidates registered to their site.

Davenport commented to the website: “We’re really excited about what the next six to 12 months will bring. If we can continue the growth of the past year then that would be a great result. With this injection of capital, we’re hoping to exceed that.”

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Comments (3)

  • James R
    James R
    Fri, 15 Apr 2016 10:39am BST
    Another revolutionary new idea to transform the industry. Just like every new application that has promised the same thing over the last decade. They'll burn through that £300k in a matter of months.
  • John D
    John D
    Wed, 13 Apr 2016 6:52pm BST
    I agree with Phil B, this is muich more than simply adding candidates to a database and expecting everything to click. Perhaps minor insignificant roles it might work where the staff turnover is high, like McDonalds. But I cant see IBM running client projects based off of this model, if they are then they will fail. It takes several conversations to really know a candidate.
  • Phil B
    Phil B
    Wed, 13 Apr 2016 2:15pm BST
    interesting but automated paper pushing of active candidates really. This should be a people business first and foremost. This should be about making a strategic decision about your business. Fact is the people you want either don't apply or are not looking. The irony is this will only find a company 20% of the market (those needing to look for work) generally at least 10% are the people who would never be employed (unemployable we see it in the UK as in order to receive benefits they have to prove they have tried to get work). That leaves 10% maybe good. Would you want to make a decision based on 10% or what you need. We have not got started with candidates confidential application or a robot accidentally sending its own employee because they don't follow the sign up process right.

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