MasterCard's CEO reveals gender pay gap

MasterCard's CEO reveals gender pay gap

The CEO of MasterCard has spoken about the gender pay gap, and revealed his company's stance on it.

Speaking at the seventh annual Women in the World summit, Ajay Banga, CEO and President of MasterCard, said that “every single woman” at his company “gets paid exactly what a man gets paid for the work they do.”

He said that MasterCard’s CFO, Martina Hund-Mejean, is the second-highest paid person at the firm, but that isn’t enough. It’s about equality in company-wide application.

"The point is not one person. The point is every single woman. And if somebody gets in my way on that, they will be working in one of my competitors very quickly”, he continued.

This echoes the thoughts of Fiona Cannon OBE, Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Lloyds Banking Group, who told Executive Grapevine that gender equality shouldn't just be left to HR. To read more on her views on the matter, click here.   

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