Penguin Random House UK finds the editors of tomorrow via storytelling

Penguin Random House UK finds the editors of tomorrow via storytelling

Penguin Random House UK is recruiting via the medium of storytelling as part of The Scheme, its entry-level recruitment programme.

They are on the hunt for four aspiring Editors, with the hiring process underpinned by the concept of storytelling.

Speaking to Executive Grapevine, Neil Morrison, Group HR Director - UK and International at Penguin Random House UK, explained how this theme would be used during the assessment and testing process.

“The role of an editor is to tell stories and to reach people with those stories”, he said, “We’ve defined what it is that makes exceptional editorial talent and we have broken this down into tangible criteria. For example, seeing potential in ideas, being persuasive, having the determination to see something through and having that overall passion for the written word are all qualities of a great storyteller.”

CVs will also be eschewed in favour of the answer to a quartet of questions which have been designed to assess those criteria. Although time-consuming, Morrison recognised that “if you’re serious about identifying talent, you need to be willing to invest the time and energy to do so.”

Qualities that will be assessed include, amongst others, curiosity. Morrison explains how this will work: “‘Curiosity’ is about how someone sees possibility and potential in the world around them and to test this we have set out a simple challenge: ‘Tell us about the next big thing’.

“This could be linked to a trend in technology, a rising YouTube star, a new children’s brand – the possibilities are boundless and we’re leaving it completely open to people’s imagination. It’s then about the ‘why’ and how they think it could potentially relate to the publishing world. At this stage, because we’re interested in potential, we are looking at the ideas and thoughts that applicants have. The experience they support this with can be drawn from anywhere.”

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