Pets in the office boost staff loyalty

Pets in the office boost staff loyalty

Over half of workers would be more likely to stay at their company if they were allowed to bring their pet to work, a new study has found.

Animal friendly workplaces are becoming increasingly sought after, according to the study from Banfield Pet Hospital, which shows that 88% of staff and 91% of HR Managers believe having pets at work increases staff morale.

The survey asked over 1000 employees and 200 HR Managers across the USA their opinions on pets at work, with respondents crediting increased employee well-being, better work-life balance and improved work relationships to animal-friendly policies.

The study also found that 82% of staff would feel a greater loyalty to their company if they were allowed to bring their pet to work.

Interestingly, the study also revealed that many staff feel "guilty" about leaving their pet at home, and that a pet-friendly work policy would act to encourage them to purchase more pets. 

HR Grapevine recently reported on Nestlé’s pet friendly work place, read about it here and watch the video of our visit above. 

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