Fraudulent CEO caught by private investigators after deceiving employer

Fraudulent CEO caught by private investigators after deceiving employer

A Hong Kong company has been taught a lesson in the importance of employee background checks, after hiring a woman with fake qualifications for a CEO role.

Lee Lam applied for the $870,000 (£78,035) role at Shizhu International Education Management and was hired in 2011, a Hong Kong Court heard earlier this week.

Shortly after she was hired, colleagues began to feel suspicious towards her because of her poor English and performance at work, the South China Morning Post reports.

Lam was asked to resign, but produced evidence she was pregnant and was instead given maternity leave.

On her return she was asked to resign again, but the request was withdrawn when she allegedly slipped in the work bathrooms and was injured.

While she was on sick leave the company hired private detectives, who eventually found that Lam’s qualifications were fake.

In court it was revealed that Lee had used a fake letter of recommendation when she applied for the job and she was also found to have fabricated her work experience.

She was fired and found guilty of fraud. She will be sentenced at a later date. 

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