Lack of leadership causing firms to leak talent

Lack of leadership causing firms to leak talent

Four in ten British workers claim they have left a job due to their boss’ lack of leadership, according to new research.

The study, commissioned by professional training and coaching firm ZONE2, found that a worrying amount of employees have vacated a previous position entirely due to their superior’s management style.

Robin Kermode, Founder of ZONE2, spoke to HR Grapevine about the possible implications of this research, and what HR can do to help retain valuable talent.

“We all want our leaders to lead, but we want them to lead in a modern way,” explains Kermode.

“The old ‘command and control’ style of leadership is now totally unacceptable. Most people born before 1975 probably expected to work hard at a job they didn't particularly love and take home their pay check whilst slowly climbing the corporate ladder. But Generations Y and Z are clearly demanding a different style of leadership.

“They expect their job to be ‘worthwhile’ and to ‘make a difference’. This demand for meaning is now rubbing off on earlier generations.”

So what can HR departments do to encourage managers and professionals to implement a more effective leadership strategy?

According to Kermode, it’s all about leading by example.

He explains: “Modern leaders don't say ‘do this this because I tell you to do it’, they coach and empower staff in a way that inspires them to grow. This is where HR has a vital role to play.

“By pushing the L&D agenda they can encourage them to show initiative by offering coaching and development for their teams. Coaching is now expected in the modern workplace – in the same way that good coffee or a table tennis table is.

“Modern leaders need to be authentic, listen to team members and show they care, and ultimately, be visible. It’s amazing what a smile in the lift or a cheerful word by the coffee machine can do for morale. Leaders of today also can’t be pompous. If you big yourself up, your staff will only want you to slip on the proverbial banana skin!”

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