'Ballistic' HR professional taken to court over bullying sick employee

'Ballistic' HR professional taken to court over bullying sick employee

An HR supervisor who has been taken to court for allegedly bullying an ill employee has blamed his anger issues on “being from Brooklyn.”

Giselle Harrison says Anthony Parker, a HR supervisor at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, “went ballistic” when she called in sick for a week around New Year’s 2014 and refused to reveal her illness.

The matter is currently before the courts, with details emerging including an incident where Parker allegedly became physically aggressive towards Harrison and had to be restrained by colleagues, the New York Post reports.

When a co-worker later asked him why he behaved that way, he “stated that he could not help himself because he was from Bedford-Stuyvesant,” Harrison claims.

She says Parker dismissed multiple doctors’ notes vouching for her sick time because the notes didn’t include her diagnosis, which she claims is private information.

At meetings, Parker, who is nearly six feet tall and 200 pounds, “was yelling loudly, gesturing erratically with his hands, and moving his body in an agitated, aggressive demeanour as he was banging his hand on the desk,” Harrison says.

She “was afraid… because he appeared as if he was going to jump out of the chair and lunge towards her”, according to the lawsuit.

The New York Post claims that Harrison was fired from the company in 2015.

In related news, a CEO of a leading advertisement firm has recently been sued for allegedly threatening to sexually assault female staff.

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