Why digital natives look for new jobs

Why digital natives look for new jobs

Most UK staff members consider themselves to be digital natives. However, their employers are making one mistake that could cost them valuable talent.

That is according to ComputaCenter’s latest survey.

While 83% of UK employees believe that digital technology is critical to business success, 77% are frustrated by the technologies that they have in their workplace, according to the report.

In fact, 41% stated that this frustration may even cause them to look for a new employer in 2016.

However, knowing about the mistakes of other employers presents an opportunity to source talent from a digitally native talent pool for recruiters and hiring managers alike.

Paul Bray is the Chief Technologist for Workplace and Mobility at ComputaCenter. He explains that workers want to use the same technologies at work as they use at home. Bray continues: “If businesses do not recognise this quickly and address the demand, they risk facing repercussions in the shape of lost employee productivity and engagement, which will damage business performance and potentially a loss in competitor edge.”

Barry Hoffman is the Group HR Director at ComputaCenter. Speaking exclusively to Executive Grapevine, he says: “Technology is a critical enabler for any recruitment process. Almost everyone has a smartphone or access to a device of some sort, which means one primary channel to reach potential candidates is via social media.

“In a world where many young, talented digital natives will have never seen a weekend job supplement in printed broadsheet, it has become a cutthroat race for companies to reach digitally connected talent over and above their competitors.

“However, once you have secured the talented candidates you then must be able to provide them with a level of technology they require to do their jobs. If an organisation fails to provide the technology the digital native workforce expects, you can be certain they will look for employment elsewhere.”

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