Recruiting from abroad is like 'refilling a leaking bucket without plugging the hole'

Recruiting from abroad is like 'refilling a leaking bucket without plugging the hole'

One in four UK firms is looking overseas to fill tech roles to bridge the IT talent gap, according to a recent survey by the recruitment agency Experis.

However, Matt Crosby, Director at Korn Ferry Hay Group, believes sourcing talent from abroad is not the best solution to the problem.

He explains: “The UK digital skills gap is a critical issue, impacting businesses of all sizes, across sectors. Organisations will not solve this by recruiting talent from abroad.

“This is the equivalent of refilling a leaking bucket without plugging the hole. The only way businesses will avoid a skills crisis it is by instilling a tech-ready culture and finding ways to promote and develop employees’ willingness to embrace digital.

“Not all businesses need high-level tech skills, and upskilling employees to this extent will be expensive and time-consuming. A far better strategy is to invest in achieving widespread proficiency. And the key word here is widespread. In many industries and organisations, technology is regarded as the younger generation’s domain; the more senior you are, the less you have to worry about it. But in actual fact it’s the opposite.

“HR should be instrumental in identifying the skills needed by the organisation, but it is imperative that these are championed by the senior leadership team. It is only with this level of support that the importance of digital will be recognised, and strategies to fill the skills gap realised.”

In related news, Regina Moran, CEO Fujitsu UK & Ireland, talked exclusively to Executive Grapevine on how HR can ease the 'digitisation' of companies.

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