Mass exodus of executives amidst 'culture of fear'

Mass exodus of executives amidst 'culture of fear'

A mass resignation of executives has caused a torrent of media speculation over the future of software start-up GitHub, featuring the CEO at the very heart of the drama.

The company is set to undergo a considerable reshuffle, with rumours saying that Chief Executive and Co-Founder Chris Wanstrath is set to radically change the company culture, according to a report by Business Insider.  

Rumours have been circulating that some employees feel like there is a “culture of fear.” Business Insider reports that Ryan Day, VP of Business Development, Adam Zimman, Senior Director Of Technology Partnerships, and Scott Buxton, Controller, have all left GitHub in the past six months.

An insider source explained to the publication that Wanstrath “is trying to keep everyone happy by not making the hard decisions necessary of leaders,” describing him as someone who “hides in conference rooms.”

However, some of the CEOs inner circle describe him as “extremely thoughtful” and “direct.” One employee explained: “There was a remote culture and very little hierarchical structure which worked wonderfully when they were 30 and 50 people, but at 500, it doesn't work.

“Chris has decided that the leadership team needs to be in the building and managing, so remote is not an option for senior executives.”

Comparatively, another employee wrote a less than positive Glassdoor review, lamenting the loss of comradery at work: “Employees live in a culture of fear but the pay is at the 95th percentile and folks just accept the sadly deteriorating culture.”

GitHub has so far refused to comment on the situation, however, a spokesperson did direct attention to a comment made by Kakul Srivastava, Vice President of Program Management, to The Information, quoting: “We’re trying to build a new kind of enterprise company where the playbooks of old won’t always work.”

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