The personalisation of coaching - at the price of e-learning

When it comes to learning to be a better manager or leader, one size really doesn’t fit all. 

We all start from different places, don’t we? Not just in terms of experience but also in terms of who we are, what each one of us specifically needs to do to develop our competence and effectiveness. Most of us often have limited time and energy to devote to training and development, so it’s critical that we understand where to focus our efforts.

Let’s look at two colleagues

We’ll call them ‘Alice’ and ‘Ben’, they may sound familiar. Alice is great when it comes to driving results, but really needs to think about how to create empathy with her team. Her colleague Ben is great on empathy, but needs to learn to toughen up. When it comes to deciding what training they’d like to do, Ben chooses to spend his training energy learning more about empathy. He knows this is a strength for him and he wants to build it even further. Meanwhile, Alice avoids the subject of empathy altogether, as it feels difficult and uncomfortable. She focuses her efforts on doing courses in time management. In each case, their training energies are more or less wasted. They’ve become better at things they were already good at, whilst neglecting the areas that would have had a major impact on their organisations and the lives of the people around them. Alice and Ben need self-awareness to understand themselves and the impact that they have on others.

Until now, one of the most effective ways to develop self-awareness has been to work with an expert coach, who can help you ‘hold a mirror’ up to yourself. However, coaching can be very expensive and it’s certainly not affordable at all levels in an organisation.

Unique online personalised learning platform

Now, technology is set to change the way that organisations help their people develop self-awareness. At Aptimore, a team of workplace psychologists have used their extensive experience of assessing and developing people to create a learning and development platform that not only trains people in a wide range of management and leadership competencies, but also ensures that people’s development programs are personalised to their own personalities, preferences, experience and aptitudes. Everyone is different, so there are many billions of different feedback patterns to ensure that each learner gets the messages that are right for them.

A fraction of the cost of coaching

The other thing to notice is the cost. Aptimore is a fraction of the price of coaching. Instead, it’s priced like e-learning. Given all the extra features, like a personalised development report, it’s exceptional value compared with e-learning. Another great benefit is it’s also designed to work alongside other coaching or training interventions. We said at the start that one size doesn’t fit all when you’re looking at leadership development, but when that one size allows for billions of different individual variations, then maybe it’s a very good place to start.

Like to try Aptimore for yourself?

If you’d like to test the Aptimore platform for yourself or colleagues, you can book a free trial via the Maximum Performance website here, together with a downloadable brochure that provides full details of how Aptimore can help both you and your organisation.

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