10 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Talent Pool Management

The modern recruitment process may appear straightforward to the uninitiated. Advertise the role - find candidates - interview - fill the position. But recruitment professionals know that a refined recruitment process is more complex. It is not so black and white. There are grey areas and crucially, opportunities for improving the process.

A refined recruitment process raises the profile of your employer brand. It can also ease the administrative burden on the recruitment team. Yet often we find that many recruitment teams are not taking advantage of a key facet - Talent Pools.

Talent Pools are one of the most important tools at a recruiter’s disposal. And they could become more vital as the year progresses. Here's why:

As we know, the recruitment industry is driven by one of two trends- a scarcity of candidates or a scarcity of jobs. When there is scarcity of jobs, talent pools are a ’nice-to-have'. They might prove useful, but when there are several candidates applying for every job, it's not necessarily a crucial recruiting tool.

The current recruitment market, however, is driven by a scarcity of candidates. In fact, the UK could reach full employment in 2016, triggering a period of extreme candidate scarcity. In such a competitive market the ability to quickly market to a warm pool of passive candidates could be vital.

But getting started with building a Talent Pool can be daunting. As with any strategy one of the first steps is understanding your current situation. Here’s our top 10 questions to ask yourself about your talent pools.

1. Do you have a database of past candidates?

2. Do you see it as a valuable recruitment channel?

3. Are you able to search it?

4. Is the search flexible?

5. Do you have a good understanding of the skills your business is likely to need to recruit in the future?

6. Can you search your candidate database for people with these skills?

7. If so can you segment those candidates within the database?

8. Now, can you contact this group of candidates easily?

9. Do you have valuable, relevant content to share with them?

10. Can you measure and monitor your success at engaging with them?

If you've answered ‘yes’ to all of these, congratulations, you are well on the way to nurturing your talent pools. If you've answered ‘no’ or ‘sort of’ to many of them, then don't worry. Over the next few issues we aim to help you on the road to successful Talent Pool Management.

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