Top 5 future priorities for HR leaders revealed

Top 5 future priorities for HR leaders revealed

Innovation is now a leading business priority for a third of HR leaders, according to a new report.

Findings from the latest CIPD/Workday HR Outlook leaders’ survey show that new ways of working and operating are fast becoming realities for organisations. And whilst there is an overarching agreement surrounding general strategic priorities within business, it is less clear how HR leaders will contribute to them, according to the study.

72% of HR professionals claim that their current people strategy will aid their business’ future growth; however, only 26% of leaders in other sectors agree. 31% of non-HR professionals believe that HR should be more focused on diversity in order to help achieve innovation in the workplace, whereas just 19% of HR leaders said they were.

Dr Jill Miller, Research Adviser at the CIPD, commented on the findings, saying: “With people being at the heart of how businesses operate, HR has a significant role to play in wider organisational innovation.

“This requires business-wide systemic thinking and action to affect change but the good news is that we can see from the report that the appetite from non-HR business leaders for HR to drive this change is there.

“HR leaders need to focus on growing technological and analytical capabilities within the function, so it has the ability to meet future business requirements and really flourish in the evolving world of work.”

The top five current priorities for HR are cost management (63%), talent management (50%), increasing agility organisations (49%), innovation (35%) and productivity (33%).

Comparatively, the top five future priorities for business leaders are cost management (54%), talent management (48%), innovation (38%), productivity (36%) and increasing agility the organisation (36%). 

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