25 best UK jobs for 2016 revealed

25 best UK jobs for 2016 revealed

The HR sector is set for a positive year, with the role of HR Manager being the fourth best job in 2016, with a job score of 4.3 out of five.

The position came behind Business Development Manager in first, Finance Manager in second, and Operations Manager in third.

Recruiting Manager came in 13th with Recruitment Consultant just behind in 14th. Talent Acquisition Specialist was 21st on the list.

Glassdoor described their methodology: “The Glassdoor Job Score is determined by weighting three factors equally - earning potential (median annual base salary), career opportunities rating, and number of job openings. Results represent job titles that rate highly among all three categories.

“For a job title to be considered, it must receive at least 30 salary reports and at least 30 career opportunities ratings shared by UK-based employees over the past year (8th January 2015 to 7th January 2016). The number of job openings per job title represents active listings on Glassdoor as of 8th January 2016. This report takes into account job title normalisation that group’s similar job titles and a minimum of 100 job openings must be live per job title.”

Speaking to Executive Grapevine, Diarmuid Russell, Glassdoor’s Head of International, said of the findings: “The UK jobs market is in a buoyant mood with record numbers of people in employment and a good ratio of available roles per jobseeker. These results demonstrate that popular jobs in recruitment and HR mean UK businesses are placing greater importance on growing numbers and building teams. HR Manager has risen from 11th to fourth this year, showing how positive the sector is.”

The full 25 can be seen below.

1. Business Development Manager– Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3

2. Finance Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3

3. Operations Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3

4. HR Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3

5. Marketing Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.2

6. Business Analyst – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.2

7. Commercial Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.1

8. Project Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.1

9. Product Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.0

10. Software Engineer– Glassdoor Job Score: 4.0

11. Marketing Analyst – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.9

12. Account Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.9

13. Recruiting Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.9

14. Recruitment Consultant – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.9

15. Solutions Architect – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.8 

16. Sales Manager– Glassdoor Job Score: 3.8

17. Brand Manager– Glassdoor Job Score: 3.7

18. Accountant – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.6

19. Business Development Executive – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.5

20. Consultant – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.5

21. Talent Acquisition Specialist – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.5

22. Design Engineer– Glassdoor Job Score: 3.5

23. Service Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.5

24. Trader – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.4

25. Personal Assistant – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.4

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