Corporate LinkedIn license? So what?

To many people social media research is looking through a number a profiles on LinkedIn.  There’s much more to social media than just LinkedIn.  Firstly to state the obvious, not everyone is on LinkedIn.  We endeavour to create a panoramic view of the talent landscape by using a diverse range of social media sources and then supplement this by telephone research in order to confirm that all the information is accurate, verified and thorough.

We step away from the conventional approaches to research.  We look outside the obvious search sites like LinkedIn and investigate a much wider range of social media platforms. These include Hootsuite, Twitter, Reddit, blogs, forums, press releases, conferences and company websites. 

Social media is a very powerful way for users to influence the thoughts and attitudes of others. People make powerful connections, link together with those that have mutual interests and interact with key influencers and opinion makers.

This detailed research enables you to understand a particular market, be aware of new topics and trends or simply compile a comprehensive talent report. We can go out there and explore the web to gather the most detailed picture, using only legally and ethically sourced data.

As well as working closely with executive search consultancies and talent acquisition mangers of large corporates to assist on business critical hiring assignments, we also have a lot of valuable experience working side by side with Social Media Managers of many corporates outside the realms of recruitment on a very wide and diverse range of assignments. A few examples are:

A multinational media company was looking to start a new sci-fi TV program, they asked us to find the main influencers, bloggers and tweeters who were influencing fans for the anchor program so that they can be fed relevant news stories.

A large multinational pharmaceutical company that tied up with an international NGO to start a CSR project focussing on Clean Water, wanted us to map the bloggers that discussed CSR initiatives, particularly focussed on child healthcare in Africa.  They wanted to understand their geographical reach, strength of their follower base etc. to understand how influential they can be.

Social media research includes all aspects of an individual’s internet footprint and not just looking at their LinkedIn profile. 

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