Revealed: 9 reasons why employees quit

Revealed: 9 reasons why employees quit

A third of UK workers quit their jobs for the same reason, according to a new survey from Glassdoor.

The research revealed that the most popular reason for employees to start looking for a new job is that they want a higher salary. 35% of the 1,139 UK employees surveyed cited wanting more money by the end of the month as their main reason to resign.

Interestingly, the workers looking to for a bigger pay package were not the people with a plethora of experience, but employees in the beginning of their careers. 44% of the surveyed UK employees between 16 and 24-year olds said a low salary was their main reason for contemplating handing in a letter of resignation.

Receiving a higher salary seemingly becomes less important the older the workers are. Only 28% of the surveyed employees over the age of 55 cited a low salary as the main reason for quitting their current jobs.

The second most common factor for employees resigning was that they felt that they had been with their current employer for too long. 23% stated it as the main reason for leaving.

The third most common reason for quitting a current job was that employees simply found their current work boring. 22% stated that as the main reason for quitting their jobs.

20% said that they didn’t like the location of their jobs, 18% said that they didn’t approve of their boss and 14% said that they wanted to leave their current employer because they didn’t like the company culture. 

Jon Ingham is a Career and Workplace Expert at Glassdoor. He says: “Understanding what causes employees to leave a company is beneficial to both the jobseeker and the employer.

“For jobseekers, this survey in particular, offers an important reminder to research a company before applying or accepting a job offer to understand what keeps current and even former employees satisfied and what would or did cause them to resign.

“For employers, understanding reasons for resignation both across the country, at competitors and within your own company can help in evaluating and improving recruiting and retention efforts.”

The research comes as many workers across the country are thinking about resigning from their jobs. In fact, January is the month when 18% of employees in the UK start thinking about looking for a new job.

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UK employees top reasons for resigning

  1. Low salary (35%)
  2. I’d been there a long time and needed a change (23%)
  3. The work was boring (22%)
  4. The job location/the length of the commute (20%)
  5. I didn’t approve of my boss/line manager (14%)
  6. Didn’t like the culture (14%)
  7. Poor benefits (13%)
  8. Wasn’t confident that the company was heading in the right direction (11%)
  9. Didn’t get on with my colleagues (9%) 

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