Careers Videos: Leading the way in 2016

As the power in the recruitment industry shifts increasingly towards candidates, many businesses are having to pull out all the stops to draw in the top talent. Sadly, many employers are still struggling to bring the best candidates on board. One such company encountering difficulties in their search for the right staff was TNS Global. Despite the company being world leaders in market research, its job postings simply weren’t attracting enough candidates.

Unlike other global corporations, TNS is not a consumer-facing company, and as a result, they don’t have a known brand to rely and capitalise on; meaning that promoting the company’s employer brand was vital. While part of the recruitment issue could be attributed to a huge increase in workload and a buoyant, flexible job market, the difficulties faced by TNS also highlight a much wider problem.

With skills shortages on the rise, and candidate applications falling, businesses need to be doing everything they can to really push their employer brand to the forefront. Prospective employees are bypassing dull, poorly-written job postings, so businesses are having to work even harder to sell themselves. TNS Global works to gather consumer insights on human behaviours and attitudes, and its field staff will provide solutions to address their clients’ business challenges, meaning that their recruitment issues needed to be solved quickly.

Recent data from CV-Library dissects this shift in power away from recruiters and employers, and has dubbed 2016 ‘The Year of the Candidate’. In light of this, the job site and TNS came together, to establish a plan of action that would significantly improve candidate application rate, and give TNS’ vacancies the boost they desperately needed.

With technology leading the way within the recruitment industry, the market research company needed a way to speak directly to candidates, giving them valuable insight into the businesses values and culture. Through an integrated approach, we created engaging content about the TNS brand and roles, all of which were embedded in the online job adverts. This was a real stand-out opportunity, which allowed candidates to see first-hand what working life was like at TNS, before they delved into all the written materials.

With the millennial generation now primed to take over workplaces up and down the country, it’s more important than ever that companies are using recruitment strategies which really speak to their target audience. A digital insight, such as JobStream, is an ideal way to engage applicants, while strengthening the company’s employer brand; this is key for businesses wanting to win the talent war in the coming year.

Although Sarah, a recruitment expert from TNS Global, had turned to job sites in the past to help with her recruiting needs, she was struggling to get what she needed from them. Whereas Sarah was hoping for a more consultative approach, she found that the specialist and generalist sites she used were simply more interested in selling to her.

Ultimately, this led Sarah to CV-Library, where one of our corporate consultants worked with her to create a bespoke campaign that was entirely tailored to her needs. As a result, we delivered a third more relevant responses than any other job board. The campaign, which was composed of a career video through JobStream, nation and region-wide job postings, targeted monthly candidate emails, and focused application success banners, resulted in a continuous increase in applications to TNS’ vacancies. Furthermore, we were able to ensure that Sarah had a wisely spent budget, which resulted in strong ROI for the company.

In today’s job market, you have to be prepared to fight for the best talent. To really get ahead in recruitment in 2016, you need to be certain that you’re using the best methods possible to attract the top talent. Candidates are pickier than ever, so really embracing technology and ensuring that your employer brand is the best it can be, is essential to stand you in good stead for the year ahead.

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