Funniest & strangest recruitment videos of 2015

Funniest & strangest recruitment videos of 2015

From Disney sing-a-long’s to Imperial Stormtroopers, recruitment videos of 2015 appear to have taken their inspiration from a whole host of sources.

In keeping with the festive spirit, here at Executive Grapevine we have put together some of the funniest, weirdest and occasionally cringe-worthy clips used by recruiters to source talent in the year just passed. Check them out and tell us what you think in the comments.

The Force is strong with this one

Fort Worth Police Department made good use of the buzz around the recently released Star Wars movie when it was looking to recruit new officers. As a part of the recruitment drive, the company released a spoof-video where Darth Vader attempted to apply for the role, only to be shut down due to his breathing problem. Check out the original story here.

Direct recruitment

A global advertising company entered the annual and prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity, but they weren’t looking for a prize. Instead they entered the competition in an attempt to hire the people on the judging panel. Omnicom Agency, based in Santa Monica, titled their entry as “The Most Direct Recruitment Advert Ever”, detailing how 180LA is looking to hire a “badass creative director”. The video even called on the judging panel by name, urging them to apply. Check out the original story here to see what the judging panel had to say about the video.

“Welcome to Rosenberg”

A clown with a machete, a robbery and a dog chase may sound like an episode of CSI: Miami, but they were actually the ingredients of what may have been 2015’s strangest, recruitment video to date. The Rosenberg Police Department in Texas is the organisation behind the recruitment video. The video was released in November and was titled "Do You Want to Be Famous?"


The video ends with a suspect being brought before a police interrogator who smirks and says: “Welcome to Rosenberg.” The video is sure to put a smile on your face.

Hiring for the first time in forever

With the holidays upon us, millions of parents around the globe will undoubtedly sit down with their children to watch the Disney Christmas classic Frozen. A police department made good use of the movie's popularity last year by singing their own rendition of “First Time in Forever” in an effort to attract new talent. Master Police Officer Carl Pendleton, the recruiter for the Norman Police Department, may not be able to hit Kristen Bell’s high notes, but we applaud the enthusiasm.


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