Apple wins employee bag-check lawsuit

Apple wins employee bag-check lawsuit

Apple has won a lawsuit brought against it by former employees, who wanted compensating for time lost spent in mandatory bag-check queues.

Apple required all retail staff who brought a bag into work with them to be frisked, to make sure they weren’t stealing form the store. However, it was ruled on Saturday by US District Court Judge William Alsup that the technology giant would not be required to compensate the 12,000 current and former employees, at over 50 stores in California, anything.

In his decisive statement, Alsup explained that he found no fault with Apple for taking a more moderate approach to company theft. He explained: “Rather than prohibiting employees from bringing bags and personal Apple devices into the store altogether.

“Apple took a milder approach to theft prevention and offered its employees the option to bring bags and personal Apple devices into a store subject to the condition that such items must be searched when they leave the store.”

This isn’t the first court case of its kind in recent history. Just last year the US Supreme Court ruled that Amazon would not have to pay their employees for time spent in security checks each day. The court decreed that the security measures were part and parcel of employee’s jobs, and were beneficial to the company in the long term.

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