The 5 Stages of an ATS Implementation

A growing number of HR Teams are realising the benefits that recruitment software, particularly Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), can deliver to their businesses.

However, while it’s often made clear how much easier your team’s day-to-day recruitment tasks will become after the implementation of this software, it’s not regularly discussed what the implementation actually entails and how it will affect your business operations.

So, what does an ATS implementation involve? And what’s expected of you during the process?

While we can’t speak for all recruitment software suppliers, the average implementation of Cygnus Resourcing’s Fusion software follows five main stages:

1. The Initial Implementation Meeting

This is the important first part of the process. During this meeting, your supplier will ask questions about your current application process – this usually covers the candidate journey, your vacancy requisition process and workflow. By asking these questions, your supplier is able to build an understanding of your requirements and needs as a business.

Of course, this initial meeting is also a great chance for you to ask your supplier any questions and voice any concerns regarding your new system.

After this discussion has taken place, your supplier will create an implementation document, which should detail everything that you’ve discussed and agreed. At this point, your supplier should also be able to set an expected deadline for the project. Of course, this timescale can vary greatly, depending on how complex your business’ needs are.

2. The Build of your System

The development of your system usually takes up about two thirds of the total project timeline.

During this time, your supplier is likely to be in regular contact just to confirm any smaller details with you or flag any issues arising from the build. However, other than being completely honest about your requirements, there is very little that you actually need to do at this point.

If you want to be proactive, our Implementation Team have discovered that this is usually a good time to start making your team aware of the ATS and arranging some training with them.

3. Initial Testing of Your System

You’ve reviewed your new system and you’re happy with its features and general appearance. What next?

Your supplier will now complete in-depth testing of your system, just to make sure that everything is functioning correctly. During this time, they may flag any features that aren’t working properly or check any small details, just to make sure that your ATS is running exactly how you want it to.

This is a hugely important phase, however, as the testing is completed remotely, you don’t need to do anything.

4. Handover and User Acceptance Testing

This is the part where you get the chance to test your system yourself. Don’t be afraid to be picky when providing feedback – you’ll be using this system on a daily basis so it’s vital that it completely works for you.

Make a note of any issues, no matter how big or small and flag them to your supplier to ensure that any usability issues are tweaked. Once you’re completely happy with the system and how it works, you can then provide sign-off to your supplier.

5. Training your Team

You’ve approved your system and it’s nearly ready to go live; now it’s time to make sure that your team are all able to use it.

Training will be conducted by a representative from your supplier. This can be delivered either face-to-face or remotely and is arranged to suit your needs.


After training has been completed and your system is ready to go, you can then start to use your ATS and reap the benefits that it delivers.

Although the implementation is now complete, it’s worth staying in contact with your supplier, just in case you encounter any issues or you have any further questions. They should be more than willing to help.

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