UK recruiters reveal the most challenging roles to fill

A new study from CV-Library, the UK’s largest job site, has revealed that 67.5% of recruitment professionals are still struggling to find the right candidates, despite a growing job market. The research, which addressed over 700 of the UK’s leading recruiters, including both agency and in-house professionals, uncovered which job roles pose the biggest challenge for recruiters to fill.

It may come as a surprise to hear that permanent roles are the most challenging to fill, with over a third of recruiters (39.9%) admitting difficulties when it comes to finding suitable candidates for these vacancies. Interestingly, it has been revealed that the least challenging roles to fill are paternity and maternity cover, with 3.3% of recruiters struggling with the former, and 11.5% admitting difficulties with the latter. This perhaps suggests that today’s workers are seeking more flexibility in their careers, or it could in fact be that candidates are looking for more varied work experiences.

When agency recruiters were asked about the most challenging sectors, they revealed that Engineering tops the list as toughest, while the Leisure & Tourism industry takes the title as easiest. Of those asked, almost half of agency recruiters confirmed that Engineering jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to fill, with 49.9% revealing their concerns over finding candidates for these roles. These findings simply highlight the challenges facing the engineering sector; there appears to be an increasing shortage of skills, particularly within those entering the industry.

Coming in second place was the Oil & Gas / Energy sector, with 27.2% of agency recruiters admitting difficulty when trying to fill roles in this industry. The same, however, cannot be said for both the Leisure and Tourism industry; only 1.5% of recruiters had difficulty finding suitable candidates for jobs in these sectors. Similarly, only 2.4% of those surveyed had difficulty recruiting within the Customer Services industry, making it the third-easiest sector for recruitment professionals! This is promising news for those looking to hire staff over the Christmas period the as Leisure, Tourism and Customer Services industries will usually bring hordes of temporary staff on-board to help over the holiday season!

In a similar turn of events, it seems that in-house recruiters are facing challenges when it comes to finding talent. We can reveal that Operations tops the list as the most difficult department to fill roles in, with almost half of in-house recruiters (49.1%) voicing their concerns. Management roles came in second place, with 48.2% of recruiters struggling to find suitable candidates for vacancies in this department. On the other hand, PR and Catering departments also pose few challenges to recruiters; only 7.3% of those surveyed said that they have issues filling these job roles.

The struggles faced by recruiters are simply indicative of a bigger overall problem; with increasing numbers of jobs available but fewer applications being made, the hunt to find the top talent is on. Perhaps one thing that can be taken away from this situation is the fact that both agency and in-house recruiters will have to do all that they can to ensure that they are drawing in the best, most talented candidates. Perhaps one of the simplest changes that recruiters can make to draw in the top talent, is ensuring that job descriptions are creative and enticing; a dull, poorly-worded job advert is unlikely to pique interest and attract applications. Similarly, by engaging with professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, or social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, recruiters may find that they are opening themselves up to a pool of previously untapped talent. Employer branding is also vital when looking to bring in talent; a strong employer brand will speak for itself, so by ensuring that your employer brand is up to scratch, you should be one step closer to finding your perfect hire. 

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