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23rd & 24th Sept 2020

Make your intranet work harder

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It’s a crucial part of your business — but is your intranet delivering the results you want?

One of the key functions of any intranet is to improve communication and boost staff engagement. An exciting and innovative way to do this is by creating a fully interactive intranet.

The clients I work with at PageTiger have seen a vast improvement in engagement since adopting the interactive approach. Even better, it couldn’t be easier to overhaul your intranet!

How it works

PageTiger is an online publishing platform that enables users to create interactive online documents that are slick, simple to use, trackable and secure.

For reasons of client confidentiality I can’t show you the many projects I’ve been working on, but the PageTiger team has created a fictional brand called ABC Invest to demonstrate how your intranet could be improved.

Everything you see here is available as a template, meaning you could take our design and simply recreate with your own content. Or, if you’d rather hand over your project, our brilliant in-house creative team can create something entirely bespoke for you.

There are lots of great ideas for areas you might want to build into your new intranet. I’ve popped a couple of examples below:

An interactive employee offer

Find out more


An interactive induction programme

Find out more


An interactive learning system

Find out more


Ways to make your internal communications more engaging

Find out more


An interactive way of creating an investor relations area

Find out more


An interactive way of creating a media relations area

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To discover more about PageTiger, watch the video below:

PageTiger in 90 seconds from PageTiger on Vimeo.


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