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Your Performance Review Survival Kit is ready!

Promoted by Your Performance Review Survival Kit is ready!

Performance review season is often the most dreaded time of the year. But it doesn’t have to be.  With the tools, tips and advice you'll find in this new survival kit, you can turn your review season into an opportunity to align, engage and inspire your employees — and create a high-performance culture.

With this Performance Review Survival Kit, you'll get…

  • Templates: Use these employee feedback and coaching templates to guide coaching conversations and help managers to give truly helpful and effective feedback.
  • Forms: Learn how other companies are using different layouts, phrases and comments to leverage best practices in these sample employee evaluation forms.
  • Article:  Understand howyou can gain new intelligence from your performance appraisal data by reading this reference article.
  • Ebook:  Explore the useful tips, best practices, and hands-on worksheets in this ebook that guides you through the implementation of a best-practice performance management process.
  • Checklists: Take advantage of these checklists for everyone involved in the review process, from HR preparing your process for launch and gathering the data you'll need, to managers and employees preparing and conducting the actual review meeting, then following up afterwards.
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You too can transform your performance review process from a necessary yet dreaded administrative task into a meaningful way to drive high performance within your organisation. Let us show you how easy it can be. Try Halogen Performance™, the most recommended solution for performance reviews and ongoing performance management, and be up and running with cloud-based performance management software – in 60 days or less! 

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