"Worst job advert in the world ever" causes outrage

A job advert seeking “a charismatic literary assistant” has been labelled as ‘“the worst job advert in the world ever,” on Twitter.

The listing, which appeared on Guardian Jobs, was posted by Eros de Grey and was subtitled: "Miss Moneypenny cum Bree Van de Kamp cum Archetypal Muse cum Lara Croft.”

The advert stated it was offering £35, 000 in return for joining Grey “in Taormina (Sicily) for the international adventure of researching and writing the greatest love story ever told.”

It continued: “As well as my literary assistant, you will need to triple as a sedulous personal assistant and glamorous hostess managing the social events calendar for a busy Sicilian villa,” The Independent reported.

Creating a social media uproar, observers compared the job advert to a ‘lonely hearts ad’ posted earlier this year by a “gentleman novelist seeking beguiling companion” on MillionaireMatchmakerOnline.net.

The Mirror states that Grey is an Oxford University graduate and formerly known as Stratos Malamatinas. The 33-year-old previously made headlines as a Director of PhD Consultancy, a company that sold essays to students.

Under the name ‘Lord Eros’, Malamatinas also appears to have set up a verified AirBnB account for his villa in Sicily. He refers to himself on it as "a novelist [whose] main themes are erotic philosophy, sensuosity, the psychology of Carl Jung and the philosophy of the early Athenian hedonists."

Malamatinas stood down as MD of PhD Consultancy earlier this year, however The Guardian still listed the company as the recruiter.

Internet users have since reacted with various emotions from anger and confusion to hilarity, however the post has now been removed. 

Poppy Starkie tweeted: “Want to see the worst job ad of all time? Because I found it…”

Rebecca Reid called it the “The worst job advert in the world ever,” on Twitter. 

However this isn't uncommon as there was recently controversy on Twitter following a sexist Political Reporter job ad

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