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1st & 2nd July

The Messy Link from Appraisal to Learning

Promoted by The Messy Link from Appraisal to Learning

For Better Development, Break Tradition.

Recognise this yearly ritual? An appraisal reveals the employee’s abilities. Training is requested and completed. Performance doesn’t really change.

What can HR do to fix this disconnect and improve employee engagement?

Talent-driven companies, like Google, try to break tradition to make employee development more effective, such as:

1)      Separate the conversations — even a positive appraisal can get emotional and distract the development conversation. The book shows you three ways to uncouple the appraisal and development discussions, so each can be equally meaningful.

2)      Segment employees — seasoned, steady employees don’t need the same development approach as rapidly rising stars. Learn how to segment employees into four key groups and use the appropriate development approach for each.

3)      Introduce a learning toolkit — Managers often don’t know the eight learning techniques available to make formal training more effective. Find out what those techniques are, how to help managers use them, and how to integrate into a learning management system (LMS).

Turn development into a talent performance advantage!

Download the rest of the report. Just click the link.

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