Nestlé searches for chocolate makers of the future

Nestlé searches for chocolate makers of the future

The creator of famous chocolate brands, KitKat, Yorkie and Aero, is on the hunt for chocolate makers of the future.

Nestlé is looking for creative young people to enrol in either a BSc (Hons) Degree in Food Manufacture and Confectionary or a Higher Apprenticeship in the same course.

Nestlé will work in partnership with the National Centre for Food Manufacturing at the University of Lincoln. The programme will combine flexible, part-time study and the opportunity to put their theory in to practice by working at a Nestlé confectionary site alongside experienced chocolate makers.

However, if that wasn’t tempting enough, the successful candidates will be paid an attractive salary but will also have their entire course fees paid.

Tom Banham is the Head of Nestlé Academy Talent Acquisition. Speaking exclusively to Recruitment Grapevine, he said: “We believe these are fantastic opportunities for young people to kick start their career in the food and drink industry. The qualifications give students a solid foundation and understanding of the food manufacturing world and then layered on top will be all of the knowledge and experience of confectionery passed on by our existing highly experienced team of master confectioners.”

“Nestlé is creating opportunities for young people to join the world’s largest food and drink manufacturer and learn from the masters of confectionery.  We are looking for young people who will bring their new ideas and their creativity into the world of confectionery and help us develop exciting new concepts for the future.”

Potential candidates should be creative and passionate about all things food. Applications are currently open and will close on 2nd October. The successful applicant will be selected by November 2015.


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