Is this ocean catamaran office the ultimate workplace?

Is this ocean catamaran office the ultimate workplace?

One company is taking remote working to whole new levels by offering digital nomads the chance to work from a luxury boat.

The revolutionary idea, named Coboat, allows 20 employees to work on personal projects whilst lounging around on catamaran. The boat, which is decked out with high speed internet access, sleeping areas, a captain, a cook and deckhands, costs £734 for one passenger travelling for one week.

Coboat is the brainchild of four London-based co-founders, who claim that the idea behind the venture was to bring like minded people together. Founder, Karsten Knorr, explained: “On a sailboat, you spend 24 hours a day in a collective. This is an unusual situation for regular co-working and it's amplified by the blending with nature and water.”

The boat is set to sail from London to Thailand, with the planned route moving through the Maldives and the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and then back to the Pacific. After passengers have completed their work for the day, they have a range of on-board activities to sample, include fishing, diving, snorkelling or even just enjoying a drink with the captain and crew.  

With the recent trend for remote working reaching all new highs, many companies are offering a more flexible approach to the standard nine to five work week. A recent study by CV-Library found that remote workers are over 84% more productive than their office based counterparts, meaning pop up bureaus and communal workspaces are redesigning the landscape of our “office culture”.

Tommy Westlin, another founder of Coboat, hopes that their new concept will help workers “realise ideas and concepts in a collective”, whilst helping to “develop new ideas and business.”

Coboat has already filled 125 of the 1,000 spaces available throughout this year.

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