Staff throwing temper tantrums at work

Staff throwing temper tantrums at work

Over half of American workers have had to deal with childish behaviour from their colleagues, according to new research.

The survey, carried out by CareerBuilder, interviewed 2,500 recruitment and HR professionals, and more than 3,000 employees from across various U.S. businesses. Shockingly, the majority of workers admitted to having witnessed their colleagues pulling faces, throwing temper tantrums and staging pranks. Many went so far as to liken the office to a child’s nursery.

55% of employees claim to have heard people in their workplace whining and becoming petulant when certain issues arose, whereas 46% say they have seen workers pouting after an altercation.

A surprising 44% of respondents claimed that ‘tattling’ on each other was commonplace in an office environment. A further 26% said that they actually saw a co-worker throw a tantrum when things didn’t go their way.

Whilst this behaviour may seem amusing on the surface, the reality makes for a disruptive and un-productive work environment.

Rosemary Haefner, Chief Human Resources Director at CareerBuilder, explained to American broadcast channel CBS warned of the damage this could cause. She said: “There's a fine line between innocent fun and inappropriate behaviour. Actions like spreading rumours, "tattling" and forming cliques to exclude others can be perceived as mean-spirited, bullying and even harassment.”

Recently, a study emerged claiming that six in 10 workers have witnessed or suffered at the hand of workplace bullying. Claire Dawson, employment lawyer at Slater and Gordon, explained: “Bullying in the workplace is all too common and comes in many forms.

“As our research shows the majority of bullying comes in the form of verbal abuse or intimidation. This is often dismissed as ‘banter’ between colleagues but the workplace shouldn’t be a place where people are insulted.”

Other instances of immature conduct included storming out of a room (30%) and refusing to share office supplies (23%).

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  • Susan
    Sat, 5 Sep 2015 8:05am BST
    Wow, I have a whiny, boastful, lying, overbearing employee who does this. Did not know how common it is. It seems I have been fortunate until now, apparently. She demands special treatment and has a big baby attitude when it's not constantly forthcoming. Ugh.

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