Social worker fired for going to work drunk and in PJ's

Social worker fired for going to work drunk and in PJ's

A social worker in Scotland has been struck off after she visited a new mother whilst drunk and still wearing her pyjamas.

Natasha Pickering, a rave fan and self-styled “bedroom DJ”, admitted to drinking a pint of Guinness as well as vodka and Red Bull before turning up to the maternity ward in a hospital Dumfries. Mrs Pickering was not at the hospital in any official capacity, rather she was visiting a client who had recently given birth.

In a monumental breach of protocol, Pickering then promised the new mother that she would help her take the baby home, despite the fact the child had been placed on the Protection Register.

Two midwives present at the hospital noted that Pickering was under the influence of alcohol, acting strangely and disruptively in the ward. The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) went on to remove her from the official register of carers following a hearing earlier this month.

The official report read: “The Registrant (Pickering) was wearing pyjamas or pyjama-like clothing.

“She was not dressed in a manner which was appropriate for a Criminal Justice Social Worker working in a professional capacity. The Registrant was under the influence of alcohol. She admitted to drinking a pint of Guinness and vodka with Red Bull earlier that evening.”

The report added: “She was observed by two midwives. On a number of occasions she spoke in a silly manner. She was euphoric. Both midwives considered that she was drunk.”

Speaking after the case, Pickering claimed that she was underrepresented in the trial, but that she was content to put the issue behind her. She said: “I just want to put it in the past. I don’t think I’ll go back into that type of work, I don’t think I’m suited to it.”

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