Almost fifth of CEOs' careers down to 'lucky break'

Almost fifth of CEOs' careers down to 'lucky break'

The route to the top for nearly a fifth of CEOs is luck according to a new study.

The research from PA Consulting shows that 69% of CEOs attribute their career development to the actions they took and the decisions they made.

However, 31% credit external forces. 17% of respondents described being given a ‘lucky break’, while a further seven per cent described someone taking a risk on them.

The study also explores the experiences that CEOs felt were most critical to their development. Stretching challenges were the most popular (48%), followed by overseas experience (41%), breadth of experience (36%) and on-the-job learning (21%).

Over two fifths (41%) of CEOs mentioned role models as key influencers in their career development of which 34% mentioned one person and seven per cent mentioned two people.

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Comments (2)

  • Patrick
    Thu, 6 Aug 2015 10:16am BST
    Does "Daddy gave me everything" count as a lucky break? Seems the percentage should be much higher if so.
  • Michael Moran
    Michael Moran
    Wed, 5 Aug 2015 2:01pm BST
    So that's one in five get there without a plan. That surprises me. I thought it would be higher. Most people fail to plan their careers. It's a akin to picking your holiday by just turning up at Gatwick on the first Saturday in August, getting on the first available plane and then expecting to have the best holiday ever.
    Smart people don't do that.
    Smart people also plan their careers.

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