3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Recruitment Content

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Over recent years marketing has changed. There has been a huge shift from advertising-led marketing that pitches a company’s products and services – to a content-led approach. A content marketing strategy aims to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to a well-defined target audience. In last months’ edition we talked about what culture content is and how this kind of content can help you to inspire the right candidates to apply for your jobs. In this month’s issue we’re discussing how to recruitment content can integrate with other types of content in order to create the immersive content strategy that we should be striving for.

If culture content is Luke Skywalker, then recruitment content is R2-D2

Odd analogy, perhaps. But consider this for a moment. Culture content is the inspiration; every kid (or adult…) wants to be a Jedi because Luke Skywalker convinced them of the righteousness of the Jedi culture. Yet none of the major events in the Star Wars franchise could’ve happened without R2-D2. 

In your careers site, it is the culture content that inspires and encourages candidates to apply, but it is the recruitment content that facilitates their application. Without the recruitment content, the process would fall flat on its face and Luke would never have received Leia’s message.

Right, that's enough Star Wars references.

Immersive e-Recruitment

Using advanced recruitment content techniques not only makes your recruitment team more efficient, it creates an immersive candidate experience. Some examples are:

  • Advanced CV Parsing By advanced, I mean CV parsing that actually works. One of the biggest blotches on the candidate experience is dangling the prospect of having CV details neatly distributed into the online pro-forma, only for it to fail. Some candidates will begrudgingly enter their details manually. Others will just give up.

  • Indication of the time taken Scenario 1: A candidate checks their email and sees your vacancy. Looks like they’ll be a good fit. They see it only takes 15 minutes to apply. “I’ll apply right now”, thinks the candidate.

    Scenario 2: Exactly the same, but with no time indication. “I might not have time now. I’ll apply later”, thinks the candidate. But they won’t. On average, if 1000 candidates see a job, only 10% will complete an application (www.eremedia.com).

  • Automated Talent Pool application Of those 100, only 1 will get the position. But what of the other 99? Automatically adding unsuccessful candidates to your talent pool can increase both the depth and the quality of your talent pool. All without lifting a finger.

These are just a few examples but the truth is no single element can create the immersive candidate experience we are aiming for. Each part of the candidate journey must do its job and do it well. In the next issue we’ll conclude our mini series and look at how you can bring all content types together to create an awe-inspiring candidate experience.

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