Facebook diversity struggle continues: 1,200 hires, only 7 were black

Facebook diversity struggle continues: 1,200 hires, only 7 were black

Facebook has revealed that it is struggling to improve its diversity figures with the release of its latest hiring data.

The company's Equal Employment Opportunity report revealed that of 1,231 hires in 2013 just seven of those were black while over half were white.

Maxine Williams is the Global Director of Diversity at Facebook stated: “While we have achieved positive movement over the last year, it’s clear to all of us that we still aren’t where we want to be. There’s more work to do.

“We remain deeply committed to building a workplace that reflects a broad range of experience, thought, geography, age, background, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture and many other characteristics.

“It’s a big task, one that will take time to achieve, but our whole company continues to embrace this challenge.”

The company’s latest diversity report showed that while the majority of the workers are still white, the proportion has dropped from 57% to 55%.

The proportion of Asian workers increased from 34% to 36% during the same period while the number of Hispanic, black and those of “two or more races” remained at four per cent, two per cent and three percent respectively.

The company did not provide a breakdown of the exact number of people from different ethnicities.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly promised to boost the Facebook’s diversity.

However, Facebook is not the only tech company that struggles with diversity. In the beginning of June, Google was reported to still struggle with diversity despite a $150 million investment.


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  • Recruitment Agency
    Recruitment Agency
    Fri, 26 Jun 2015 2:44pm BST
    If they spent the money on Recruitment Agency's they would get a much bigger pool of candidates applying who are diverse.

    Another option to get a more diverse workforce is to take the name off the CV when sending it to the line manager.

    It's a bit like the Voice, where you don't see the singer and have to just listen to their voice. Any ingrained prejudices would immediately disappear (if there are any of course) and the CV will be judged purely on it's merits.

    Age has been removed from the equation so surely this should be the next step.

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