The KennedyFitch Index for Talent and Organizational Effectiveness

The current HR Consulting universe is growing fast, but is still young and the predominant behavior in the market is focused on profitable “product-push” of a scattered portfolio that is not tailored to the specific customer’s needs. There are many (small) providers who each cover parts of the broader HR and people practices domain.

KennedyFitch strongly believes that organizational performance and business results are highly dependent on the effectiveness of people practices and not on the quality, maturity or sophistication of consulting products. How people work together, how they are being led, how they are developed, which capabilities they have now and will need to have in the future are just some elements that influence “intangible assets”.  

The KennedyFitch Index (KFI) for Talent and Organizational Effectiveness is a customer-centric approach to Management Consulting. The index assesses whether existing practices in the areas of leadership, workforce and organizational design have the desired business impact. The assessed data are dynamic and depending on the importance of an assessment area for an organization’s business strategy this area is weighed differently. The data and insights gained during the assessment paired with the expertise of KennedyFitch provide organizations with intelligence where and how to intervene in order to improve their organizational effectiveness and impact business results.

The KFI assessment is holistic and  complete  and covers a total of 18 assessment areas across the Talent and Organizational Effectiveness landscape. If required, the HR function may be additionally assessed as an add-on to the core KFI assessment – this would provide a viewpoint as to how effectively HR supports the business. Interviews, online surveys and workshops are used as sources of information in order to collect all relevant data for diagnostic and intervention purposes. Additionally, all relevant materials such as business and talent strategy and the documentation of key processes are reviewed. The assessment is analyzed and visualized in a report and an initial outline of an action plan is presented for discussion. Finally, the implementation of the action plan to improve the business impact of selected people practices is agreed upon by stakeholders and the governance body. And…. with these results, a client can decide which “consulting products” are truly needed to improve business performance.

Looking at a business strategy through the lens of organizational effectiveness and building internal capability of a client are key features that distinguish KennedyFitch Consulting. The KennedyFitchIndex provides companies and organizations with a tailored approach, aligning the core asset ‘Talent’ with the business strategy in order to achieve optimal organizational effectiveness and sustainable business results. Please visit for more information

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