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Over recent years marketing has changed. There has been a huge shift from advertising-led marketing to a content-led approach. A content marketing strategy aims to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to a well-defined target audience. In this mini series, we’re discussing the different types of careers content and to use them in harmony to create an immersive candidate experience. In 2015 content is King. Good is the new average, engaging no longer brings home the bacon. Career content needs to immerse the candidate in a profound and personalised journey. In order to achieve this level of career content mastery, various types of content have to be in perfect harmony with one another. Take your company’s culture, for example. How can you use it as a recruitment marketing tool?

What is culture content?

At the highest level, culture content is the embodiment of your employer brand. It is everything you stand for as a company. Whether you’re a Frisbee-throwing start up, or a corporate juggernaut you need to attract the kind of candidates that share the same values and vision.
Some well documented and successful ways to communicate your company culture to potential future employees include:

  • Employee testimonials
  • Photos and video galleries.
  • Day-in-the-life blogs

Other less well documented ways include hosting webinars for prospective employees, and holding live streaming careers events. Each of these provides the perfect opportunity for you to communicate your company culture and engage with your ideal candidates.

Visibility is Everything

Tucking your culture content into a forgotten corner of your careers site or burying it within the navigation is like buying the perfect outfit and never taking it out of the wardrobe. Culture content needs to be a maximum of one click away from the job application. Ensuring that your company’s culture is visible not only helps you to attract the right candidate, it will help candidates that can’t see themselves fitting in remove themselves from the process.

IMMERSE the Candidate

In order to achieve the immersive experience we are aiming for, the most important action is to personalise your carefully crafted culture content. It is absolutely vital that the careers content is relevant to each specific job.
A user browsing for Administrator jobs will not be interested in the testimony of a Financial Manager, no matter how well produced or engaging the content is. As renowned content marketing author Gary Vaynerchuk says, “If content is king, then context is god”. By personalising your content and keeping it contextual, you are removing barriers- encouraging the right candidates to apply rather than preventing them.

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