A fifth of British employees drive to work under the influence

With the Police Federation calling for the national drink drive limit in England and Wales to be lowered in line with Scotland, a new survey has revealed that more than one in five UK workers drive to work still under the influence from the night before.

23.53% of British workers admitted to driving into work while still feeling over the limit. Workers in the West Midlands were most likely to drive into work under the influence (31.13%), closely followed by employees in London (28.02%), and personnel in the North-East (27.62%). The full table can be seen below.

Scotland’s workforce came tenth in table (18.81%), which is perhaps indicative of more caution being shown on work nights due stricter drink-driving laws north of Hadrian’s Wall.   

Danny Clarke, head of occupational health and safety at ELAS, said: “Employers must take a proactive role in reducing the risks associated with driving under the influence and in raising awareness of the serious implications that driving to work while under the influence can have on employee well-being and work productivity.”

Clarke also said the figure only shows those admitting to driving under the influence, implying that the figure could actually be higher: “Employers must ensure they have a robust procedure in place. Employers within logistics, transport and haulage industries should take considerable notice of the recent news and must ensure they have robust procedures in places to tackle workers under the influence of alcohol when at work.”

The survey of 1,500 workers was commissioned by Onepoll and ELAS.

  1. West Midlands - 31.13%
  2. London - 28.02%
  3. North East - 27.62%
  4. Yorkshire & Humberside - 25.93%
  5. North West - 24.26%
  6. East Anglia - 21.98%
  7. East Midlands - 21.05%
  8. Wales - 18.92%
  9. South West - 18.81%
  10. Scotland - 18.26%
  11. South East - 18.25%
  12. Northern Ireland - 14.29%


Image courtesy of FlickrUser-WestMidlandsPolice.

Comments (4)

  • AllanB
    AllanB@ PaulH
    Thu, 21 May 2015 6:16pm BST
    PaulH - exactly my reaction. "Employers must....." Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
  • PaulH
    Thu, 21 May 2015 5:18pm BST
    "Employers must take a proactive role" - why is this the employer's responsibility? The article is about driving to work not driving on company business
  • Roy
    Thu, 21 May 2015 1:42pm BST
    Well. It rather depends on what the question was, doesn't it. Have you ever driven to work while still under the influence from drinking the previous evening? Do you drive to work while under the influence ... at least once a year? ... once a month? ... once a week? ... every day?
  • Mel Parker
    Mel Parker
    Thu, 21 May 2015 1:06pm BST
    Really? Can this be true...?

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