How TalkTalk Technology transformed the effectiveness of its senior management team and developed the next generation of managers

For Jason Boyle, HR Director at TalkTalk Technology the management objective was a simple one: to strengthen the senior team so they were operating at their optimum level. 

“We’re not a standard plc at all,” explained Jason, “if you think who we are, we have to be different in almost every way. We’re the UK’s 4th largest telecoms provider and that means our role is very much to disrupt the market and challenge the status quo, to shake things up, to drive competition and deliver value. So our culture mirrors this. We tend to be fast changing, flexible, innovative. I was worried that if a training organisation didn’t get that and didn’t understand how we operate there was no way they could be successful.”


Making the leadership team more effective was crucial

It was crucial that TalkTalk’s management training programme was a success. “The 800 or so people I manage form the technology side of the business. We provide the IT systems and network that underpins everything that TalkTalk provides. These are key personnel, important people and that means the senior management team must be leading them in an effective way.”

“I wanted to engage our next generation of leaders, whatever level they were currently working at”, explained Jason. “I wanted them to feel they could contribute and be involved. Getting today’s management team operating at optimum level was just the start. Preparing the next tier of managers to be ready to shape the future was vital too, which is why we engaged 3gHR”.

 The Performance Equation

The longstanding challenge for trainers is ensuring that learners retain what is taught, that behaviours change and performance improves as a result. The “Performance Equation” (performance = ability x motivation x opportunity) can be a great way to focus on how to change behaviour, and it’s something that underpins all our training. Our new infographic explains how it works. 

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We mean it when we say 'don't impose, empower'

At 3gHR, we take a highly customised approach to learning with every client. An important brand pillar of ours is ‘don’t impose, empower’. It means we get people to change how they behave at work and so improve business performance by understanding them and helping them so they want to change.

With TalkTalk, a lot of the issues revolved around team dynamics and how the senior managers created engagement. In particular our approach concentrated on closing the gap between the senior level and lower tiers of managers. This has been extremely successful as everyone begins to feel they can contribute and collaborate more effectively.

Scott Chambers

Managing Director, 3gHR

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