5 Top Questions to ask in an interview to get hired!

5 Top Questions to ask in an interview to get hired!
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Following hard on the heels of news about Tesco’s pre-tax loss of £6.38bn, believed to be the biggest loss ever announced by a UK retailer, it’s encouraging to read of its appointment of a super experienced brand director to help rejuvenate the brand. As the new Tesco group brand director, Michelle McEttric will hopefully bring her Midas touch to the company, just as she has done in the past, with brands like Barclays and British Airways.

This exciting new appointment got me thinking about how high flyers like the Michelle’s of this world. How do they operate in interview situations, what style or approach do they take with the people who interview them? And just what makes companies want to snap them up?

For me, a job interview is like a sales meeting – with the seller (you) and a buyer (the interviewer).

People buy people - and YOU are the product you’re trying to sell!

So with this in mind, here are five questions that will impress your interviewer and help persuade them that you are the person worth buying:-


1. Ideal person

“If you could create the ideal person for this position, what are the top qualities they would possess?”

Ask this early on in the interview, if you can.

As they answer, make a mental note of each quality mentioned.

Then, as the interviewer continues with their questions, look for every opportunity to tie your experience back to their desired list.


2. Fitting in

“Can you tell me more about how I would fit in with xxx?” (Insert a specific fact that shows you have researched the organisation).

Remember, interviewers want to know how much you really want this job.

This being the case, are you willing to put time into studying the organisation and the position in question? If you want to stand out – you’d better be. You’ve done some homework, so let them know about it! Prepare specific questions to ask about the areas you have studied that show you did some research and have some comments you want to share


3. Vision

“What’s the vision for your organisations future – and how do you see me contributing to it?”

Employers love to talk about their organisation’s vision and future plans.

If they’re passionate about their work, they’ll enjoy a discussion on their dreams. So plant the seed! Get them to start thinking how you can help them get there. Asking questions like this also shows you’re a forward thinker – a hugely desirable quality


4. Vision Part 2

“What does success look like for the person in this role?”

It’s helpful to understand upfront their expectation for the person whom they appoint.

Asking them to define how success looks to them, shows your willingness to be aligned to their vision.

Disappointments are often cause by unmet expectations. Asking for their thoughts will help them to see you as someone who creates clear objectives to meet their goals.


5. Differences

“Based on my research, I noticed you are different to your competitors because….” (Insert another fact here that shows you’ve done your homework).

“Can you tell me what else sets you apart?”

Again, take a moment to remind them that you prepared for your interview by learning as much as publicly possible about their organisation.

Now, ask them to go deeper into what sets them apart. People love to talk about why they stand out ahead of the competition. Let them brag a little!


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