Snapchat sends cheeky hidden geo-ads to Uber HQ staff in attempt to poach talent

Snapchat has been sneakily approaching its competitor's talent by adding a layer to its pictures which sends them to their jobs board.

Depending on the users location, Snapchat is able to send a customised filter to go over the users image. In Uber HQ's case, Snapchat have specially designed a geographical filter with the sole purpose of poaching talent from tech firm.

Users of the photo messaging app who are within the vicinity of Uber's HQ get the chance to see a message filtered over their images asking them if they'd rather work for Snapchat instead.

One message, which was overlaid on the Uber logo read, “is this placing driving you mad?” and featured a link to Snapchat's recruitment portal.  

The messages featured Snapchat’s ghost mascot looking sad while driving a cab, indicating a clear message that the picture app is the better place to work.

Snapchat spokesperson, Jill Hazelbaker, told Forbes: “They’re a unique and playful form of recruiting.”

The firm admitted that it had implemented the measures at “a handful” of locations.

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