5 reasons why your e-Recruitment needs a health check

5 reasons why your e-Recruitment needs a health check
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We’re often asked to test a company’s E-recruitment capability. Here are 5 of the key areas that we look at during a health-check.

1. Your jobs pages give candidates an email address to send their CV

This may be fine if you only have a handful of jobs and receive few applications. But if you need to scale up your recruitment or if you start to receive a high number of applications you’re going to need to get organised.

2. Candidates have to complete forms each time they apply for a job

So, you’ve got yourself an Applicant Tracking System, it works, kind of. You post jobs, candidates fill in a form, their details go into your ATS, you sift, select for interview and hire. But if an unsuccessful candidate later applies for another job do they have to complete the forms again? This is how ATS’ used to work. They were linear, they tracked applications – not people. Modern E-recruitment systems allow previous candidates to re-apply – not start again from scratch.

3. Your application process doesn’t look like the rest of your careers site

You’ve spent a considerable amount on your Employer Brand. But, how well are you communicating it throughout the recruitment journey? Do your jobs pages and application process have a different ‘look and feel’ to the rest of your careers site? Your inconsistency may put candidates off from applying as they may think they are not on the correct site. It also means all the hard work and cost that you put in to your careers site is lost once the candidate ‘converts’ to an applicant. Can you imagine an online retailer presenting their checkout pages in inconsistent branding?

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4. Mobile users aren’t applying for your jobs

If you are not catering for the mobile user you're shutting the door to a growing number of candidates. Candidates who use mobile (smartphone and tablet) as their primary device. Also, many candidates will use different devices at different stages of the recruitment journey. So, why not provide the same functionality, with the same registration & logins for all devices. After all, candidates already have a ton of different logins to remember. So don’t make their lives more stressful!

5. Passive candidates can’t join your talent pool

Is the only way a candidate can get into your database by applying for a job? To build a talent pool you need to attract speculative applications. Don't assume candidates are always ready to apply for a job. 

Of course, there are many more areas we look at when health-checking a careers site. But these five provide a good snapshot of a company's E-recruitment capability.

Want to find out how to give your careers site a Candidate Experience Healthcheck? Watch our webinar here...

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