A Minute Can Change Everything!

Free Webinar with Leadership Guru Ken Blanchard
17:00 (UK time), Tuesday 5th May, 2015

Next month, HarperCollins will release The New One Minute Manager, a new book based on the 1982 business classic that took the world by storm, selling more than 15 million copies in 42 languages. The Three Secrets of The One Minute Manager revolutionized the way people managed their work and lives.

But the world has changed dramatically since then. People are different today—they want to find more meaning in their work and be appreciated for what they contribute. And today’s organisations need to respond sooner, often with fewer resources, to meet increased global competition.

As co-author Ken Blanchard explains, “When The One Minute Manager came out, the early 1980s leadership was really command-and-control. The One Minute Manager was in charge. He set the goals. He decided who to praise. He decided who to reprimand. Today, leadership is much more side-by-side. In The New One Minute Manager, leadership is much more of a partnership.”

In this webinar, co-author Ken Blanchard shares how The New One Minute Manager does things in new ways that are far more effective in today’s world:

  • He recognizes that working side-by-side with people gets better results than the old top-down style of management.
  • He’s modified his Three Secrets―each takes only about a minute, but together they make a real difference.
  • He’s adapted how he communicates with people, including the way he uses the new Third One-Minute Secret.
  • He shows people how to manage themselves, so they enjoy their work more and are more productive.
  • He knows that despite all the advances in technology, the best minute of his day is still the one he invests in people.

Managing your work and personal life successfully has never been more important. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend an hour with Ken Blanchard and learn how you can put the secrets of One Minute Management to work for you!

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