Isles of Scilly Police job attracts global interest

A job advert for a vacant police constable role on the Isles of Scilly got more attention than expected when it received applications from all over the globe.

The post went viral as people from as far as Thailand, the US and Australia responded to the advert that was described as “quite possibly the most enviable policing post in the UK or even the world” on the force’s Facebook page.

The post tempted to entice an individual who possessed an “unflinching confidence to know what to do when you are alerted to an abandoned seal pup making its way up the main street.”

One of the successful candidates many list of duties would involve having to “resolve to issue a parking ticket to your spouse so tactfully so as not to find dinner in the dog thereafter”.

Sgt Colin Taylor was mastermind behind the job post and admitted that he may have “overcooked the job advert”.

“The phones were red-hot at the police station all weekend,” he claimed as he revealed that applications for the position had closed on 3 April.

Unfortunately, thousands of international hopefuls dreams were crushed when Sgt Taylor revealed that the deadline had passed and the position was only open to serving officers from Devon and Cornwall Police.

Sgt Taylor said: “Commiserations go to hopefuls who contacted us from Ukraine, Texas, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Philippines, Thailand, Spain, Greece, loads from Italy, Australia, Germany, Portugal, South Africa and a smattering from England, Scotland and Ireland.”


Image courtesy of google_scillyonline

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