Red tape obstructing overseas hiring

Businesses in London are struggling to hire individuals with the right skills and have called for cuts to red tape to make it easier to employ from abroad.

Figures released by the London Chambers of Commerce revealed that in the past three months, 54% of firms experienced difficulties when they tried to recruit staff. This amount was up from 52% in the last quarter of 2014.

In addition, the survey discovered that skilled manual or technical staff were the most difficult to recruit, followed by professional and managerial staff and clerical workers.

The recruitment issues facing the firms in London are also coupled with growing pressure to increase wages. A quarter of London firms reported increased pressure to raise wages over the past three months.

As a result, the main cost pressure facing London businesses ahead of energy prices and raw material costs is employee demand for increased salaries.

Peter Bishop, Deputy Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, told City AM: “For the second successive quarter, businesses have told us that they are facing significant issues recruiting staff with the right skills. This means that increasingly, businesses need to look outside of the domestic labour market for the staff they need.

“Making it easier for businesses to recruit from overseas is critical, we must see a reduction in the red tape associated with recruiting non-EEA workers and exempt foreign students from the net mig­ration target, restoring their right to work in the UK after graduating,” he explained.


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