Meeting sins revealed - Staff confess their conference crimes

Meeting sins revealed - Staff confess their conference crimes

Managers and staff have revealed some of their worst meeting sins after a study revealed that companies are wasting thousands everyday on pointless gatherings.

Research from found that a one-hour meeting attended by ten people including a manager costs at least £250 in salaries alone, more if people have to travel to the venue. If a legal representative or a member of senior management attends, the cost can soar to as high as £750.

"The sad fact is that many meetings can be replaced with something cheaper and more efficient, with annual savings running into thousands," said spokesperson Mark Hall.

“If you add external consultants, a one-hour meeting can quite easily hit £1,000," says Hall, "and the worst part is that managers are often blind to how much money is leaking out of their organisation as a result."

The company also asked respondents for their worst meeting misdemeanours which ranged from simple avoidance tactics to dreamt-up illnesses.

Jasmine said: "Always make sure that you've got a more important, imaginary meeting to go to at the same time. Be creative, never fails."

"I always use the conferencing gear at my desk for meetings, even if it's only in the room next door," says Steve. "My boss commended me for my multi-tasking abilities, but in reality I'm on Facebook while everybody else is getting bored."

Office worker Alan says: "I convinced my boss that I suffer from a fatigue-based illness and I'm likely to fall asleep in long meetings, so she keeps them short for the good of my health. Sometimes, I'm not even invited."

Managers and bosses also added in some top tips for keeping meetings short and productive.

One recommended learning from their mistake where a simple joke had repercussions for meetings from then on.

"I once jokingly said that the next person to ask a stupid question would be sacked. There were no more questions, ever."

Another said a cost free incentive can be enough to get the best out of staff: "I always have standing meetings wherever possible. On top of that, they're held at quarter-to-one, which concentrates minds on getting out in time for lunch."

Finally, one manager called for avoidance wherever possible. " Why bother? That's what talking to each other in the office is for. Saves time, better for morale as well. Life's too short to take minutes."

Comments (2)

  • Paul
    Paul@ Alex
    Mon, 30 Mar 2015 10:19am BST
    Probably - and making the assumption that there is no benefit in getting facetime with colleagues, or that if a meeting doesn't immediately come up with a solution then there is, again, zero benefit to anyone. Neither holds true.
  • Alex
    Thu, 26 Mar 2015 12:26pm GMT
    Did this research consist of "if their average salary is £25 per hour and there are ten of them...", by any chance?

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