Search v RPO: Bridging the divide

To paraphrase Heraclitus, the only thing in life that is permanent is change. 

Whilst the executive search industry has barely evolved in decades, the newer model of RPO has become a booming business, with recent figures putting the value of the global RPO industry at $1.4bn. 

As the economy shows signs of recovery, and businesses see increased hiring requirements, recruitment work is expected to be increasingly outsourced.

RPO is primarily used to fill mid to junior level positions, and is most appropriate for high volumes of hiring with a low mix of profiles.

AGP is bridging the divide which has formed between these two, very different, halves of the recruitment industry by offering an “Executive RPO” model.  We work with clients who have varying hiring and budgetary requirements in terms of volume, but who all benefit from the hands-on project managed style of an Executive RPO.  We focus on real integration with in-house recruiters, offering great service and value add through business intelligence and consultancy services. 

AGP has developed an Executive RPO offering to allow clients the benefits of a specialist search platform with the ability to be embedded within a client's HR or COO department should they wish.

We are unique in that we have the ability to augment an existing recruitment solution, or establish a new platform. Our aim is to significantly reduce our client's dependency and spend on external executive search, a service which traditional 'in-house' solutions still find difficult to deliver.

Our Executive RPO consists of on or off-site consultants who are specialists in their sector, underpinned by the infrastructure and support of an established search business and a Business Intelligence team.

AGP's Executive RPO goes beyond the traditional RPO and involves the design, operation and transition of the entire recruitment process, with our teams acting in partnership with the client to drive efficiencies, rather than simply finding candidates.

Pierce Casey, Chairman of the Norman Broadbent Group commented “Over the past decade the RPO market has gone from strength to strength and has delivered huge success for clients especially at the junior level. There will always be a place for Executive Search, as firms see the value in this high level of service. Establishing AGP has allowed the Norman Broadbent Group to bridge the gap between a traditional junior to mid-level RPO market and high level Executive Search. I believe that offering a hybrid, commercially viable approach to our clients allows us to partner with them for extended periods of time. The AGP approach allows clients to outsource their strategic mid-level hires in a commercially viable way”. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can support your business we would welcome the discussion.  Please contact:

Jamie McEwen, CEO
Tel: +44 (0) 203 195 8740
[email protected]

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